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Write here. I attend Long Beach Poly as a Sophomore i love surfing, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, and Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Im fluent in Francais et Tagalog :) I am Filipino Wag pake sinabe ako ang mexicano haahh I love to smile. I prefer Bakstreetboys then One Direction. I like to cook. If you need anything with help in being a teenager and ovecoming those obstacles im the guy to look for... Oh BTW how you doin *wink hahah Im Noah Roman :)
Just cause i giggled.

dontbutterhermuffin: omg. y u so fab?

Why you so beautiful :) 

Lets fuck some air.



…she hadn’t dated anyone since him up until like a month ago. And he was the one that dumped her when they broke up. She didn’t chooseto break up with him so that she could have a guy to write a song about. She didn’t completely choose to break up with any of the celebrities she’s dated apart from Taylor. She’s only actually had a relationship with 5 celebrities over the 6 years she’s been in the spot light. If you do the math, that’s less than one a year. And that’s including the guy she’s dating now which was after Jake Gyllenhaal. And might I just add that there was over a year gap between Jake and Connor. BOOM.


That Seal Though ;.;